Terms of delivery and payment


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    Fachwörterbuch online testen und vielleicht gewinnen!



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    *Every hundredth person might win access to a WYHLIDAL online edition within a period of 6 month. The judgesdecision is final.



    Testen Sie jetzt, vielleicht sind

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    Terms of delivery and payment


        in Germany plus sales tax (VAT)

        in all other countries net


        in EU countries

    o   without sales tax if VAT-identification number is given

    o   Due to changes to regulatory framework all orders from EU member states need to display a valid VAT identification number. Please note that in case orders coming in from EU member states should not show such identification number we are bound to deliver licenses on USB or printed copies only. Should you not have a VAT identification number, for online versions or single-user licenses please turn to your bookshop or IT service provider.


    Delivery is done by registered parcel.

    We apply the Deutsche Post AG charges for shipment.


    Terms of Payment with standard prices:

    Payable within 30 days without deductions


    Note: Terms of Payment with reduced prices:

    Payable within 14 days without deductions


    Support for WYHLIDAL 2018 edition

    If there are any technical problems during the installation, please contact our support team via e-mail technik@wyhlidal.com. The installation support is free of charge for you for max. 30 minutes, afterwards for every 15-munite interval or part there of net Euro 30 and until a new WYHLIDAL edition is available. Any further support will be charged.

    After the second activation we will charge further activations numbers with Euro 30.


    Support for WYHLIDAL 2015 edition

    For each support case (up to 60 minutes) we charge net Euro 130. Afterwards for every 15-munite interval or part there of net Euro 30. A new activation number net Euro 30.


    Support for WYHLIDAL 1994, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2012 editions

    Sorry, but there is no more support for those editions. Please contact us for further details.